Hedgehog Care & Rehab Plymouth is an organisation for sick and injured  hedgehogs in the Plymouth area. 

A recent report (The state of Britain's Hedgehogs) reveals that hedgehog numbers have dropped by 25% in just 10 years! 

If you have found a SICK or INJURED hedgehog please call 01752 366951 or phone 07585230527 and read the information on the Contact Us page

About Us

Linda started and runs the organisation from her own home.  She funds it with her own money and spends all her time helping these animals. She also has help from volunteers but predominantly she cares for the animals herself.

All donations will help with the work we do with, and for, the hedgehogs  that we are contacted about. Every donation will help us. Hedgehogs are on the Red Endangered List in the UK. Dr Pat Morris believes that these exquisite creatures will be extinct in this country by 2020 unless significant changes are made. This is where we too can make a difference to their survival, by rescuing and rehabilitating all the sick, injured and orphaned ones that we are contacted about.


We aim to rehabillitate hedgehogs who need our help. (Occasionally we are able to collect sick or injured hedgehogs - but we need more drivers).  Once recovered we release the hedgehog in hedgehog friendly gardens (or secure gardens for those unable to survive in the wild.

We do not advise trying to rehabillitate a hedghog on your own without support from a recognized hedgehog carer. If you want to help please go to the How to help page, or contact 01752 366951 / 07585230527

1/12/13 - Meet Timmy, he was picked up today from a lovely lady who  feeds and cares for her local hedghogs in the Whitleigh area. He is very small and was placed in a box with a warm bottle of water wrapped in a towel to  keep him going on his short journey to the centre. He had a few ticks    and was weighed in at 300g which is very small and he won't  survive the winter in the wild. We named him Tiny Timmy and hope he will survive the night and put on some weight.  


Hedgehog admittances are going up and some need regular medicines etc. All of them need cleaning and feeding so donations or regular giving are essential to allow this work to continue .